360 Productions has been entertaining audiences since 1999 and the “nuts & bolts” of our business has never really changed much….until now.  We are very proud to be the first in the Wiregrass area to offer a True Vintage Style Photo Booth as part of our service.  Our goal is to make your event unforgettable.  What better way to accomplish this than with a photo booth?

True Vintage

Red background curtain, checkboard floor and we even tossed in a seat (with just the right amount of wobble like in the old days) from a real 60’s era booth .   When it comes to design we put our booth together with a certain look in mind.  Our booth will compliment any venue and will be sure to catch your eye.  We are confident you won’t find a more brilliant photo booth in the state.

Spectacular Layouts

The Double Strip is what makes a photo booth a photo booth.  We can customize our strips a zillion ways.  You want art on 1 of the strips but not the other?  You might want 1 side to be Color and the other Black & White?  We can set our booth to 3, 4, 6 or even 8 poses.  The possiblitlies are literally limitless.  We won’t fry your brain trying to figure out, we’re letting you know we have it covered from every angle.  Feel free to ask us for a sample here.

The Process

To operate our booth it is literally as simple as 1,2,3..

1.  Grab some of our fun props and hop in.

2. Choose Color, Black & White or Vintage Sephia.

3. Say cheese or just be cheesy and thats it!

Your high quality photo strips will automactically pop out the side of the booth in less than a minute.


The Choice is Yours

Some march to the beat of a different drum and that is fine by us.  Our Vintage Style Booth gives you 3 choices to choose from for your photos, Color, Black & White and Old School Sepia.



We Got You Covered!

It wouldn’t be a a smart idea to just roll our booth in the room and tell you to figure it out.  Our guess is we wouldn’t be in this business for very long with that kind of business plan.

Booth Attendant

Your guest won’t have any issues trying to figure this baby out since we have a trained professional at each and every photobooth event.  Cracking a joke every now and again is included at no extra cost!

Got Props?

Grab a mustache, or a top hat, why not a boa? Photo booths are meant to be fun and our props are no exception. Hop in and be chessy.

Peace of Mind

You made the decision to have us there and we will make the commiment to be there…and always on time!  We stock plenty of paper and back up everything so nothing is left to chance.  We guarantee you a  worry-free and unrivaled rental experience.