Favorites May we suggest?

360 Prouductions is proud to offer information about vendors we work with. We feel that having a great relationship with the other vendors involved in your event is a great asset. It would be nearly impossible to include everyone that we have ever worked with, however we feel it’s the least we can do to plug a few vendors we work with regulary.


We would have no issue recommending the below mentioned photographers for any event imaginable.  Each one provides a completely different personal touch and can assist you with every aspect of your event.  We will be happy to offer up advice if you need assistance selecting a photographer.

Mattox Photography

Kennedy International

Nicole Everson Photography

T2 Photography


There is no replacement for the right venue.  Much like the photographers, the venues below each have a different feel and personality to them.  You may have 500 guests or maybe just 50, either way we are sure you will find a venue suitable for you below.

The Grand on Foster

Wiregrass Museum of Art

Dothan Country Club

Maria’s Vineyard

Dothan Botanical Gardens


Highland Oaks

Enterprise Country Club

Lakepoint Resort